2016-2017 Season Calendar

April 17 Open Ticket Sales

April 24-27 Rehearsal Week at Sentry Theater @ 1800

2017 Theater @1800 Rehearsal & Performance Week April 24-27

 All Rehearsals are mandatory. Dancers are to arrive at Theater @ 1800 prior to the scheduled rehearsal time (PLEASE ARRIVE 15-20 minutes early as we often run ahead of schedule). We realize that the start time may be early for some families but please do your best to make arrangements now so students can have the full benefit of rehearsal. Many families have said that doing their dancer's hair when it is wet in the morning, holds well for rehearsal after school. ALL REHEARSALS ARE CLOSED (empty audience). In order to identify your dancer’s piece(s) on the schedule below, please refer to the key. We practice learning the title and act of each dance so check with your dancer. We are happy to assist you if you have any questions.                                                                                                    ~The following classes DO NOT perform: M Adv Ballet, S Pointe I/II

 Key: # (Order of Showcase) Title (Classes involved)

Monday 4/24 CLOSED TECH (dance clothes) at Theater @ 1800 (ACT ONE DANCES)

4:30-4:50 #2 Beethoven Ballet (M Elem Ballet, T Primary Ballet, R Pre-Elem Ballet, R Pre-Adv Ballet)

4:50-5:10 #3 Sing Along (T Elem Tap, R Primary Jazz II, M Pre-Elem Tap II)

5:10-5:30 #4 Moved (W Creative, T Elem Modern)

5:30-5:50 #5 Lavender Dreams (M Pre-Elem Ballet II, T 6:45 Elem Ballet, R Elem Ballet)

5:50-6:10 #7 Louis’ Lounge (T Primary Tap, T Pre-Adv Jazz)

6:10-6:30 #8 Por Danse (T 4:45 Elem Ballet, R Primary Ballet II, T Pre/Adv Ballet & Pointe)

6:30-6:45 #9 Sound of Your Heart (M Elem Jazz, R Pre-Elem Tap)

6:45-7:15 #1 Sugar & Spice (T Adv Tap),  #6 In the Moonlight (NHSDA Guest),  #10 Clouds (W Adv Modern)                     

Tuesday 4/25 CLOSED TECH (dance clothes) at Theater @ 1800  (ACT TWO DANCES)

4:30-4:50 #2 Bennett & Gaga (M Primary Tap II, T Int Tap, T Pre-Adv Tap)

4:50-5:10 #3 Ballet Brigade (M Int Ballet, M PA Ballet & Pointe, W Primary Ballet)

5:10-5:30 #4 Bliss (R Pre-Adv Modern, T Creative)

5:30-5:50 #6 Pure & Simple (W Pre-Elem Ballet, R Int Ballet)

5:50-6:10 #8 Verve (W Primary Jazz, W Pre-Elem Jazz, R Int Jazz)

6:10-6:30 #9 Simply Remember (R Adv Ballet & Pointe, M Primary Ballet II, T Int Ballet)

6:30-6:50 #7 Collective Percussion (W Comp/Improv, M Int Modern)

6:50-7:30 SPOTLIGHT Dances (R & S Pre/Adv Rep BALLET & JAZZ/TAP), Silverstein

7:30-8:10 #1 Autre Fois (S Int/PA/Adv Pointe), #5 Splendid Sterling (M Adv Modern),  #10 Dusk ‘til Dawn (T Adv Jazz)

Wednesday 4/26 CLOSED DRESS (costume, hair & make up) at Theater @ 1800 (ACT ONE)

4:30-5:30 #1 Sugar & Spice, #2 Beethoven Ballet, #3 Sing Along, #4 Moved, #5 Lavender Dreams

5:30-6:30 #6 In the Moonlight, #7 Louis’ Lounge, #8 Por Danse, #9 Sound of Your Heart , #10 Clouds

6:30-8:30 (SPOTLIGHT) ACT I

Thursday 4/27 CLOSED DRESS (costume, hair & make up) at Theater @ 1800 (ACT TWO)

4:30-5:30 #1 Autre Fois, #2 Bennett & Gaga, #3 Ballet Brigade, #4 Bliss, #5 Splendid Sterling

5:30-6:30 #6 Pure & Simple, #7 Collective Percussion, #8 Verve,  #9 Simply Remember, #10 Dusk ‘til Dawn

6:30-8:30 (SPOTLIGHT) ACT 2

April 28 Spring Spotlight Premiere 7:00p 5:00 Full Cast Warm Up

April 29 Spring Showcase Premiere & Spring Spotlight Encore

     1:30 All ACT I dancers signed in 2:00 ACT I Curtain
     3:00 All ACT II dancers signed in 3:30 ACT II Curtain
     5:45 Dancers in place 6:00 Spotlight Curtain

April 30 Spring Showcase Encore

     1:30 All ACT I dancers signed in 2:00 ACT I Curtain
     3:00 All ACT II dancers signed in 3:30 ACT II Curtain

May 1 Day of Rest (DEC Closed)

May 2-6 Final Week of Classes

May 4: 2018 Spotlight Audition 5:30p

May 6 Cast Party

May 10 NHSDA Banquet (Sky Club 6:00)

Summer 2017

June 19-22 Summer Intensive 

               1:00-4:00 Ages 6-10

               4:30-5:45 Ages 11+

2017-2018 Season Calendar

August 29 Open House, Shoe Fittings Noon-7p

September 5 Shoe Fittings Only 4:30-6:30p

September 11 Courses Begin

October 23-26 Timely Reflections

November 4 QP#2, Costume Deposit and Performance Agreement Due

November 21-26 Thanksgiving Break (No Classes)

November 27-30 Center Showings

December 1-January 7 Winter Break (No Classes; however some Spotlight dances will rehearse)

January 8 Courses Resume

January 27 Spotlight Head Shots

January 13 QP#3 and Spotlight Fees Due

January 20 The Company Performance Sentry Theatre @1800 7p

February 22-28 Winter Break 2.0 (No Classes/Rehearsals)

March 10 QP#4 Due, Special Costume Pick Up for Spotlight dancers

March 19-24 Costume Pick Up

March 25-31 Spring Break (No Classes)

April TBD Photo Week

April 23-26 Rehearsals at Sentry Theater @1800

April 27 Spring Spotlight Premiere 7:00p 5:00 Full Cast Warm Up

April 28 Spring Showcase Premiere & Spring Spotlight Encore

April 29 Spring Showcase Encore

April 30 Day of Rest (DEC Closed)

May 1-3 Final week of classes

May 2 NHSDA Banquet

May 3 Spotlight 2019 Audition