Spring Spotlight

Each year in addition to the Spring Showcase, DEC offers an exciting performance opportunity in the Spring Spotlight (an evening length production where dancers attend rehearsal times in addition to class time). The Spring Spotlight is performed on the Friday and Saturday evenings of our performance weekend.

Who is eligible & what are the guidelines?

Any DEC student age 7 and older is eligible. Students may sign up for their desired dance style(s); however they must be currently enrolled in the chosen dance style.

How does it work?

Performance groups provide an experience like a professional company so students attend rehearsal in addition to regular class time(s).  Students should come to rehearsal warmed up and ready to learn.  Choreography is learned quickly and students are responsible for knowing what is learned each week.

What is the commitment?

Dancers must regularly attend class and scheduled rehearsal time.  Missing rehearsal for any reason means you miss being in part of the piece. Rehearsals begin in December or January and continue up until the performance in April. Rehearsals are on Friday evenings or Saturdays.

$125 for the first casting and $75 for each additional casting. This year, each dancer will receive a bonus casting in the curtain call. Costumes are additional (you will submit a $40 costume deposit for each casting).


  • Meet new instructors and dancers
  • Gain additional hours of dancing
  • Be part of a team
  • Dance with different ages/abilities
  • Learn more complex choreography, staging and production elements
  • Cast Party!! 

Auditioned Roles

There are several dances that will cast based on an audition. Auditioning is an important skill and since we foster a learning environment, dancers can choose to attend one/all of the audition times (the highest score will be factored).

Audition Dates:             September 17

If you are interested in participating, complete the information below and return it with your audition OR by Saturday, September 12

Spring Spotlight 2017

Name:_________________________________________       Age:______________

Maximum number of castings:    1       2       3       4       5       6       7       8       9       10

Please circle your repertory class(es):

    R Elementary/Intermediate          R Pre-Advanced/Advanced             S Pre-Advanced/Advanced

Preferred Dance Styles:    Ballet                   Pointe                 Jazz                  Modern               Tap

Will you be auditioning?       YES (circle dates below)             NO
Audition Dates:       May 2016                   September 2016

Are you interested in being an understudy? (ages 11+)                Yes            No

Understudies attend all rehearsals and step in if someone is absent/unable to perform. No charge ~ just extra dance time.

Dancer Signature: _________________________   Parent Signature:_______________________