After sitting through almost my first week of classes, I’ve begun to notice a few things. For one, the importance of bright eyes is incredibly apparent. Teachers give more advice/constructive criticism to kids who seem to be paying more attention and who care more about the class. Also, in an environment where I’m surrounded by others who are passionately different from one another, my experience as a performer gives me the ability to easily change my writing style, which allows me to stand out. Along with all that, dance has given me a strong work ethic, making it easier for me to finish writing pieces ahead of time and sit through 2 hour long classes without getting bored or distracted. Experiences like this make me really appreciate the way you’ve raised us and the amount of effort you put into making us the best people we can be. Thank you so much
— Received 7.9.15 from Claire Girod while attending a summer writing program at Duke
I just wanted to say thank you for all of your years of dance education! Today I interviewed for what I thought was a standard retail job at a boutique & it turns out the owner is a dance mom & is looking to open a studio which could lead to me teaching barre & stretching classes! Dance proves to be a great asset always!
— Received 7.30.15 from Lark Lewis, Class of 2013

Check out the Dance Teacher Magazine article about Ms. Tori and Dance Education Center! 

My daughter is EXTREMELY blessed to have an amazing woman mentoring her. We joke about her being Brooke’s other mother but in reality, because of my daughter’s passion, she spends more time with her than I do. She is not only instrumental in developing her as a dancer, but as a person. It’s not about trophies in her studio, it’s about being grateful and paying it forward. If you have a young person who might be interested in dance, Tori Rogoski and Dance Education Center is the place to be. THANK YOU Ms. Tori!
— Karen Schroeder, DEC parent since 2003
DEC did not just provide me with dance training but also with a new view on life. I was taught both how to plié and how to face a personal challenge with courage. I never truly felt like I left DEC because of the continued support and love I receive from everyone. It is not just a dance is home.
— Natalie Riordan, DEC Alumni Class of 2013

Creighton University Journalism Major Pre-Law track with a Minor in Dance

Being a part of DEC has taught me how to manage my time wisely, to always pick myself up after I fall, and to appreciate every moment I have doing the things I love to do.
— Emily Hicks, DEC Alumni Class of 2013

UW-Madison Microbiology Major with a Certificate in Dance Movement Therapy

I definitely learned discipline and how to work hard for things because nothing in dance is easily attained. I also learned great time management because I had to learn how to juggle a busy school schedule, dance life, and a social life.
— Lark Lewis, DEC Alumni Class of 2013

Northern Illinois University Double Major in Journalism and Media Studies with a Minor in Political Science 

Dancing at the DEC taught me to be proud of my accomplishments no matter how small. Also, take time to just be yourself.
— Rachel Nachman, DEC Alumni Class of 2013

UW-Madison Industrial Engineering Major