2018-2019 Season Calendar

November 30-Jaunary 6 Winter Break (no classes)

January 7 Courses Resume

January 12 Quarterly Payment #3 and Spotlight Fees Due

January 26 Company Photo, Spotlight Headshots

February 5-7, 11 NHSDA Sponsored Guest Artist *February 8-10 (back up dates)

February 11-14 NHSDA's Fabulous February Festivities

February 12 Practice Audition Class for Elementary, Intermediate and Pre-Advanced 5:15-6:30p

February 14 Practice Audition Class for Intermediate, Pre-Advanced, Advanced 4:30-5:45p

February 21-27 Winter Break 2.0 (no classes)

March 4-8 Company Tech Week

March 9 Quarterly Payment & Costume Balance #4 Due, Early Costume Pick Up for Spotlight Dancers

March 9 Company Performance Sentry Theater 7:00p

March 11-14 Costume Pick Up

March 15-24 Spring Break (no classes)

April 3 Class Representative Meeting 5:00p, Informational Meeting 5:30p

April 4 Photo Envelopes Due

April 8-11 Photo Week

April 18-21 April Break (no classes)

April 22-25 Rehearsals at Sentry Theater @1800

April 26 Spring Spotlight Premiere

April 27 Spring Showcase Premiere, Spring Spotlight Encore

April 28 Spring Showcase Encore

April 29 Day of Rest (no classes)

April 30-May 2 Final Week of classes

May 1 NHSDA Banquet

May 2 2019-2020 Spotlight Audition

May 3 Spotlight Cast Party