Class-Assistant Program: Class Assistants are upper-level dance students who provide support and demonstration in beginner through intermediate-level classes. Students must be a minimum of 12 years of age and must have completed 4 years of dance instruction. Applications are accepted April-June proceeding the school year season.

National Honor Society of Dance Arts: DEC is host to Wisconsin’s first NHSDA chapter. NHSDA serves to recognize outstanding efforts and achievements of Middle School and High School level dancers. Seniors, who have earned this prestigious honor, can wear honor cords and pins at graduation.

Timely Reflections: Timely Reflections provide an opportunity for parents and students to individual dance education and progress with their instructors. Instructors evaluate students on several criteria to aid in individual growth. Timely Reflections are scheduled in the fall and the spring.

Training Program: The Training Program provides opportunities for students with a strong interest in dance. Students in this program gain a deeper understanding of technique and perform at a higher skill level.